Sec. 1-10.  Application of certain ordinances to parking lots, private property, etc.


All city ordinances having to do with offenses against the public morals, unlawful assembly, trespass, disorderly conduct and negligent driving and the penalties for violation of such ordinances shall be in full force and effect and shall be enforced with the same authority as can be done in public thoroughfares, public parking lots and other public places on all the following areas:


Names Addresses
Alco 103 East Norfolk Avenue
Alegent Health -Norfolk Clinic 2600 West Norfolk Avenue Suite B
Allied Securities 1200 South 13th Street
American Legion Post 16 1305 Riverside Boulevard
Aspen Apartments 701 Maple Avenue
Aspen Apartments 600 Queen City Boulevard
Bank of Norfolk 100 North 13th Street
920 South 13th Street
1211 North Riverside Boulevard
Bel-Air Apartments  1503 Glenmore Road
1505 Glenmore Road
1507 Glenmore Road
Beller (Steve) Apartments 609 South 18th Street
Beverly Healthcare - Chateau 1824 Vicki Lane
Beverly Healthcare 1900 Vicki Lane
Boulevard Village  1701 Riverside Boulevard
Camelot Care Center 1909 Vicki Lane Suite 100
Century 21 – Ringer Partners 1105 West Norfolk Avenue
Christ Lutheran Church  605 South 5th Street
Christ Lutheran Helping Hands Child Care 605 South 5th Street
Christ Lutheran School  511 South 5th Street
Cimarron Apartments 916, 918 & 922 Syracuse Avenue
Clements Chevrolet & Cadillac 1123 South 20th Street
Colonial Plaza 705 East Benjamin Avenue
Commercial Federal Saving & Loan 602 West Norfolk Avenue
Country Club Plaza Lots 600 West Benjamin Avenue thru 715 Country Club Road
Courtesy Ford Lincoln Mercury 423 West Madison Avenue
Days Inn 1001 West Omaha Avenue
Dolin Management 304 North12th Street
Dolin Management  610-612 South 1st Street
Dolin Management 815 South 8th Street
Dolin Management 309 North 11th Street
Dolin Management  802 South 16th Street
Dolin Management  1304-1306 South Pierce Street
Dolin Management  104 East Omaha Avenue
Dolin Management  1208 West Koenigstein Avenue
Dolin Management  107 West Norfolk Avenue
Domino’s Pizza 802 West Norfolk Avenue
Einspahr Apartments 600 Park Avenue
Einspahr (Jan) Law Office 601 South 13th Street
Faith Regional Health Services-Skyview Medical Center 109 North 15th Street
Faith Regional Health Services-Medical Offices North 301 North 27th Street
Faith Regional Health Services-Medical Offices West 110 North 29th Street
Faith Regional Health Services-East 1500 Koenigstein Avenue
Faith Regional Health Services-Prospect Medical Building 1603 Prospect Avenue
Faith Regional Health Services-West 2700 West Norfolk Avenue
Feidler Eye Clinic 2800 West Norfolk Avenue
Ferris Electric 600 West Omaha Avenue
Firestone 201 West Norfolk Avenue
First Christian Church 1200 North 13th Street
First United Methodist Church 406 West Phillip Avenue
Fisher Realty 506 West Madison Avenue
Floral Expressions 509 South 13th Street
Gillette Printing 1210 South 13th Street
Goodwill 2610 West Norfolk Avenue
I & K Apartments 1201 West Pasewalk Avenue
Heartland Physical Therapy 2612 West Norfolk Avenue
Holiday Inn Express 920 South 20th 
Home Health Medical 2604 West Norfolk Avenue
Hy-Vee Food Store    (East) 120 East Norfolk Avenue
Hy-Vee Food Store     (West) 2107 Taylor Avenue
Immaculata Monastery 300 North 18th Street
Jerry’s Standard Service 1122 South 13th Street (Back)
Just A Buck 2606 West Norfolk Avenue
Kentucky Fried Chicken 1006 South 13th Street
609 West Norfolk Avenue
Keystone Apartments 812 North 10th Street
Keystone Apartments 725-727 South 20th Street
Keystone Apartments 607 Cedar Avenue
Keystone Apartments 904-906 Syracuse Avenue
Kings Entertainment Center 1000 Riverside Boulevard
Kum & Go Stores 101 East Omaha Avenue
1220 West Benjamin Avenue
Little Caesar’s Apartments 101, 103, 105, 107, 109, 111, 113 Little Caesar Avenue
Little Caesar’s Apartments 104, 106, 108, 110, 112 Little Caesar Avenue
Lloyd’s Pharmacy 2600 West Norfolk Avenue
Lynn & Son’s GW Foods 2602 West Norfolk Avenue
McMill Building 125 South 4th Street
Menard, Inc. 2311 Taylor Avenue
Metro Market 901 West Norfolk Avenue
Mount Olive Lutheran Church 1212 South 2nd Street
New Century Agency 811 West Norfolk Avenue
Norfolk Catholic High School 2300 Madison Avenue
Norfolk Daily News 110 South 5th Street
525 West Norfolk Avenue
Norfolk Martial Arts Center 126 South 5th Street
Norfolk Masonic Temple 907 West Norfolk Avenue
Norfolk Public Schools Alternative Education Facility 1122 South 13th Street (Front)
Norfolk Public Schools: All areas owned by the Norfolk Public Schools including, but not limited to: parking lots in the vicinity of Sixth and Walnut, Sixth and Maple, Sixth and Spruce, Sixth and Cedar, north and west of the Junior High School between Fifth and Sixth, north of Pasewalk, Sixth and Park, 1221 N 1st Street (Norfolk Middle School) and any other areas currently owned by the District or to be acquired in the future.
Norfolk Veterinary Clinic 500 West Omaha Avenue
Northeast Community College 801 East Benjamin Avenue
Northern Heights Baptist Church 807 Georgia Avenue
Odd Fellow Manor 1204 West Norfolk Avenue
Odd Fellow Rebekah Manor 1700 Pasewalk Avenue
Our Savior Lutheran Church 2500 West Norfolk Avenue
Parker Circle Apartments 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1900, 1901 Parker Circle
Prospect Hill Cemetery 13th Street & Maple Avenue
Ramada Inn 1227 West Omaha Avenue
RE/MAX 1200 South 13th Street
Sacred Heart School 201 South 6th Street
Sam & Louie’s New York Pizzeria 2602 West Norfolk Avenue
Scheer’s Ace Hardware 1308 West Omaha Avenue
Schmidt Property 202 Winter Avenue
ShopKo Stores Inc. 2005 Krenzien Drive
St. John’s Lutheran Church 13th Street and Benjamin Avenue
St. Joseph’s Nursing Home 104 North 18th Street
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 1100 Georgia Avenue
Donald Smith, DDS 513 South 13th Street
Sunset Plaza 1700 Market Lane
Taco Bell 1402 West Omaha Avenue
TaxQuest 124 South 5th Street
The Angle 1111 Riverside Boulevard
The ARC – Norfolk 505-507 South 13th Street
The Chateau 1824 Vicki Lane
The Salvation Army 112 North 7th Street
Time Square 1909 Vicki Lane
Trinity Episcopal Church 111 South Ninth Street
United First Presbyterian Church 104 South 10th Street
1005 West Norfolk Avenue
Madison Avenue & 10th Street (NE Corner)
US Bank 609 South 13th Street
333 West Norfolk Avenue
909 West Norfolk Avenue
Wells Fargo Bank 227 West Norfolk Avenue
Westside Plaza 2604 1/2 West Norfolk Avenue
Westside Plaza 2608 West Norfolk Avenue
Wolfgang’s Pub 2602 ½ West Norfolk Avenue
YMCA 301 West Benjamin Avenue


The owners of such privately owned parking areas have requested regulation of traffic, public use and conduct of invitees by the city.  


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Cross reference--Application of traffic laws to private property, § 24-3.

State law reference--Power of city to so provide, R.R.S. 1943, 16-254.