Sec. 10-21.  Permit.


(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to collect and/or trans­port garbage, refuse, rubbish or waste for hire without first ob­taining a permit from the city clerk's office.  If the applicant's equipment proposed to be used is approved by the health official or his or her designee, the city clerk shall issue such permit following approval by the city council.  Permits authorized to be issued and the cost thereof shall be a garbage permit, which shall entitle the permittee to collect garbage, refuse and rubbish.  Any permit in existence as of December 31, 1999, shall be extended through March 31, 2000, without the payment of any additional fee.  Any permit initially issued after December 31, 1999, and before March 31, 2000, shall be issued without a fee and shall expire March 31, 2000.  Any permits which would otherwise expire on March 31, 2000, may be extended by the city council by subsequent enactment of a resolution extending the permits.


(b)   If any permittee under this article violates any of the provisions of this chapter, in addition to the prosecution of such permit­tee for an offense as provided in this Code, the city council may, by certified mail, summon the permittee to appear before the city council and show cause why permittee’s permit to collect and transport garbage, refuse, rub­bish and waste, or any other permits held by permittee as provided by this chapter should not be revoked.  The city council, after holding such hearing, shall take such action as it deems necessary and proper, which action may include the suspension or revocation of the per­mit.


(c)   It shall be unlawful, except as set forth herein, for any garbage hauler permitted under this section to unload or deposit the garbage, refuse or waste material collected from any premises within the corporate limits of the city, and destined for disposal within the State of Nebraska, at any place other than the City of Norfolk Transfer Station.  The solid waste manager of the city may designate another location for the unloading or deposit of such garbage, refuse or waste material upon determination that it cannot be handled at the city transfer station. 


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