Sec. 10-29.  Transfer trailer rental.


The city transfer station may have transfer trailers available for rent to be used within city limits and the city's extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction only.  The cost to rent a city transfer station trailer for a period not to exceed one (1) week including delivery, pickup, transfer station inspection, and hauling to the landfill shall be at the rate set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code plus the landfill gate fee.  In addition, the individual or business renting the transfer station trailer shall be responsible for paying the following:


(1)       Cost of labor and materials to repair any damage to the trailer caused by overloading or neglect while it is in possession of the individual or business renting the trailer.


(2)        Cost of any extra labor necessary to unload any part of the contents of the trailer to bring it into compliance with weight restrictions.


(3)        Cost of any extra labor necessary to sort items out of the trailer load that are not legal for landfill disposal (i.e. tires, refrigerators, batteries, etc.).


(4)        Disposal cost of any items that the landfill does not accept.


(5)        Any overweight fines that are imposed for the loaded trailer from the time it is picked up at the site until it arrives at the transfer station.



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