Sec. 10-4.  Containers--Generally.


(a)   It shall be the duty of every owner or occupant of any residential and nonresidential premises where meals are served, or where garbage or refuse is created or accumulated to provide portable metal or plastic, water-tight, rodent proof and insect proof containers, equipped with tight-fitting lids and handles for easy handling.  Such receptacles shall not be larger than thirty-two (32) gallons in size and each owner or occupant of any residential premise shall have a sufficient number of containers for receiving and holding all refuse and garbage during the period between days of collection.


(b)   Other refuse containers that may be used are as follows:


(1)        Residential and nonresidential premises may use de­tachable containers, (dumpster type), provided said con­tainers are kept clean, odor-free and in good repair.


(2)        Reserved.


(3)        Fifty-five-gallon metal barrels shall not be permitted as garbage receptacles at any residential premises and shall not be permitted at nonresidential premises, un­less emptied by the owner or occupant of the premises into an approved garbage receptacle, no less frequently than once every forty-eight (48) hours.


(4)        Plastic garbage bags, collapsible in nature, may be used for the storage of leaves, grass, hedge and brush clip­pings only.


(5)        Adequate temporary facilities shall be provided at the job site of any building being constructed, remodeled, repaired or demolished to contain any waste materials that might be subject to blowing away from the property.  Such tempo­rary facility is to be maintained in accordance to section 10-8.


(6)        Any multiple-family dwelling with more than four (4) dwelling units located therein may be required within thirty (30) days after notification by the Planning and Development Department to provide detachable containers (dump­ster type) for the accumulation of trash, garbage or refuse at said location.


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