Sec. 12.5-5.  Same--Delegated Responsibilities.


The Citizens' library advisory board shall work with the li­brary director, city administrator, mayor and city council in re­gard to the development of the public library.  The citizens' li­brary advisory board is hereby delegated the following specific responsibilities:


(1)        To advise the library director in the development and im­plementation of library policies;


(2)        To advise the library director regarding the maintenance and expansion of the materials collection and programs of the public library;


(3)        To advise the library director regarding the preparation of an annual library budget, which budget shall be prepared by the library director in the format used by other city departments and divisions, and to periodically review li­brary claims to ensure budgetary compliance;


(4)        To receive citizen input, comments and complaints re­garding the materials collection, programs and services of the public library, and to report the same to the library director, with recommendations;


(5)        To provide such advise or recommendations as may be specifically requested by the city administrator relative to mat­ters concerning the public library;


(6)        To encourage use of the public library and promote its pro­grams and services;


(7)        To represent the city and public library within professional associations and at library functions;


(8)        The Norfolk Library Foundation shall retain exclusive re­sponsibility for decisions concerning the expenditures of Norfolk Library Foundation funds and private donations made to the Norfolk Library Foundation.


Source: Ord. No. 4017, § 1, 3-21-94