Sec. 12-2.  Multifamily dwellings.


It shall be unlawful, except as provided in section 20-110 N.R.S. 1943, as the same may, from time to time, be amended, to design and construct multifamily dwellings for first occupancy after Sep­tember 1, 1991, in such a manner that:


(1)       The public use and common use portions of the dwellings are not readily accessible to and usable by handicapped persons;


(2)       All the doors are designed to allow passage into and within all premises within the dwellings are not sufficiently wide enough to allow passage by handicapped persons in wheel­chairs; and


(3)       The premises are not in compliance with the requirements of ANSI Al17.1 of the American National Standards Institute standards for buildings and facilities providing acces­sibility and usability for physically handicapped people, as that standard may, from time to time, be amended.


For the purpose of this section, multifamily dwellings shall mean:


(1)       Buildings consisting of four or more units if such buildings have one or more elevators; and


(2)       Ground floor units in other buildings consisting of four or more units.


Source: Ord.  No. 3889, § 7, 8-3-92