Sec. 13-114.  General requirements.


Itinerant merchants, peddlers, solicitors, street vendors and temporary merchants shall meet the following standards and conditions:


(1)       Provide personal identification including date of birth, driver's license number and/or other appropriate identification, to­gether with a recent photograph of the individual, or indi­viduals, who will be selling within the community.


(2)       Supply copies of any state or county licenses which are also required to operate or conduct activities proposed by the applicant.


(3)       Specify a local agent to receive complaints against the business.


(4)       List the names and identification of all individuals within the area who will be working for the applicant.


(5)       Provide a description of the merchandise or services offered for sale. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3331, § 4, 7-16-85; Ord. No. 5158, § 2, 4-18-11; Ord. No. 5189, § 1, 11-21-11