Sec. 13-146.  Permit application.


Every person desiring a permit required by the provisions of this article shall make application to the city clerk.  Accompa­nying each application shall be:


(1)       A sworn statement by each designated supervising member that such member will be responsible for compliance with the rules and regulations for each occasion of games of chance and/or lotteries which he supervises.


(2)       A sworn statement by the member designated as respon­sible for the proper utilization of gross receipts that no commission, fee, rent, seller profits, compensation, reward or recompense shall be paid to any person or organization not sanctioned by the laws of the State of Nebraska and the City of Norfolk, Nebraska; and that all profits shall be spent for a lawful purpose. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3752, § 6, 10-15-90