Sec. 13-203. Application for license.


Applications for horse-drawn carriage business licenses shall be made to the city clerk on forms provided by the city.  In addition to the other information required by this chapter, the application shall contain:


(1)       The name and address of the applicant.


(2) A certificate that all carriages to be used for the transportation of persons have been inspected and are in good working order and in full compliance with all applicable state laws.


(3) A routine route for the business which complies with Sec. 13-204.


(4) A schedule of rates and charges to be made to passengers shall be on file with the city and shall not be changed without ten (10) days prior notice to the city.  The applications shall include a written agreement by the applicant to operate the business, if licensed, strictly in accordance with Sec. 13-205 and indemnify and hold harmless the city for all judgments, liens and expenses arising out of the operation permitted by the license.


Source:  Ord. No. 5184, 1, 11-21-11