Sec. 13-205. Operation of horse-drawn carriage business.


Horse-drawn carriage businesses shall operate only in accordance with the following regulations:


(1)       A copy of the horse-drawn carriage business license shall be displayed in all carriages used in such business.  The city, upon issuance of the license, shall issue the number of duplicates as requested in the application, for the carriages to be used under the business license.


(2) Each horse-drawn carriage shall be operated by a person who is qualified by this article to be a driver.


(3) Horse-drawn carriages, when in motion, shall be operated only in the curb-most traffic lane on any public street and the driver shall obey all applicable state and local traffic laws, ordinances, and regulations.


(4) No horse-drawn carriage shall be operated on a public street unless a valid liability insurance policy as specified in Sec. 13-206 is on file with the city.


(5)       It shall be the duty of the driver of a horse-drawn carriage to inform any person hiring the carriage of all the rates and charges before any services are rendered, which shall be the same as those on file with the city.


(6)       Horse-drawn carriages shall pick up and discharge passengers only upon the curb lane.


(7)       Occupancy of a horse-drawn carriage shall not exceed the rated seating capacity of the carriage.


(8)       No passengers shall be allowed to ride on any part of the carriage while in motion except seated inside the carriage.


(9)       Drivers shall  not solicit patronage in a loud tone of voice or in any manner to annoy or obstruct the movement of a person, or follow any person for the purpose of soliciting patronage.


(10)     Drivers are prohibited from smoking while carrying passengers.


(11)     No person may drink any alcoholic liquor while such person is riding in or operating a horse-drawn carriage.


(12)     All horses shall wear either no horseshoes or the proper type of rubber horseshoe from April 1 to November 1.  Any form of cleated horseshoe is prohibited on public streets except when needed for icy conditions.


(13)     No carriage shall be operated on city streets unless it or the horse is equipped with a manure-catching device to hold manure until the operator is able to dispose of it or in lieu of a manure-catching device, in the event manure falls to the street surface, the manure must be immediately collected and removed from the street surface.


(14)     No person shall work any horse more than twelve (12) hours per day in the operation of the horse-drawn carriage business.


Source:  Ord. No. 5184, 1, 11-21-11