Sec. 13-236.  Exceptions to standards.


 No small wireless facility can be used or developed contrary to any provision of  this article, unless an exception is authorized herein and has been granted pursuant to this section.


(a)       Approval Authority. The Public Works Department is the approval authority for all exceptions requested by an applicant.  If the Department denies the exception request, then within seven (7) days the applicant may submit a written request to the city council to review the request and approve or deny it.


(b)       Submittal Requirements. A request for an exception under this section shall include:


1.         A written statement which (a) identifies the standard for which an exception is requested; (b) describes the proposed manner in which the application deviates from the standard; and (c) provides a thorough explanation of the technical, commercial, or other justifications demonstrating the necessity of the exception requested.


2.         A site plan which:


a.         Describes the proposed small wireless facility’s design and dimensions, as it would appear with and without the exception;


b.         Includes elevations showing all components of the small wireless facility, as it would appear with and without the exception; and


c.         Includes color simulations of the small wireless facility after construction demonstrating compatibility with the surrounding environment, as it would appear with and without the exception.


(c)          Criteria.  The Department will consider the following in determining whether to grant an exception requested hereunder:


1.         Whether the exception is consistent with the purpose of the standard for which the exception is sought; and


2.         Whether the alternative proposed as an exception to the standard otherwise minimizes the visual impact to the site and surrounding area to the greatest extent feasible.


Source:  Ord. No. 5678, § 1, 09-08-2020;