Sec. 13-60.  Records to be kept.


(a)   For any property that is intended to be resold at a price of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or more, a person or persons who engage in the business of secondhand goods, antiques and/or auctioneering shall maintain a ledger book, legibly written in ink, showing the purchases and acquisitions made by said person or persons showing the following information:


(1)        The date of the purchase;


(2)        The name and address of the person from whom the prop­erty was purchased or acquired;


(3)        The driver's license number or social security number of the person from whom the property was purchased or acquired;


(4)        An accurate description of the property purchased or acquired.


(b)   Every secondhand dealer, antique dealer and/or auctioneer or his or her employees shall allow a police officer at any reason­able time during normal business hours to examine the ledger required to be kept hereunder, and shall allow such police officer to place restriction on the disposition of any property for which a reasonable belief exists that it has been stolen. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3243, § 4, 9-4-84