Sec. 13-72.  Records and place of business.


(a)   All persons who shall be engaged in the business of pawn­brokers, shall keep a ledger and complete a card following the format furnished by the city which shall be legibly written in ink, at the time of any loan or purchase, the following information:


(1)       The date of the loan or purchase;


(2)       The name of the person from whom the property is pur­chased or received, his signature, date of birth, and driver's license number or other means of identification;


(3)       A full and accurate description of the property purchased or received, including any manufacturer's identifying in­signia or serial number;


(4)       The time when any loan becomes due;


(5)       The amount of purchase money, or the amount lent and any loan charges, for each item; and


(6)       The identification and signature of the clerk or agent for the business who handled the transaction.


(b)   Entries shall not in any manner be erased, obliterated, or defaced.  The person receiving a loan or selling property shall receive at no charge a plain written or printed ticket for the loan, or a plain written or printed receipt for the articles sold, contain­ing a copy of the entries required by this section.


(c)   Every pawnbroker, or employee of a pawnbroker, shall admit to the pawnbroker's premises at any reasonable time during normal business hours any law enforcement officer for the pur­pose of examining any property and records on the premises, and shall allow such officer to place restriction on the disposition of any property for which a reasonable belief exists that it has been stolen.  Any person claiming an ownership interest in property received by a pawnbroker for which a reasonable belief exists that such property has been stolen may recover such property as provided by state statute. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3243, § 6, 9-4-84