Sec. 14-137.  Public indecency.


(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person, in a public place or on private premises, and under circumstances in which he or she knows or reasonably should know that his or her conduct may be readily observed from either a public place or other private premises, to:


(1)       Perform an act of sexual penetration;

(2)       Fondle or caress the genitals of another person of the same or opposite sex; or

(3)       Intentionally or recklessly expose his or her genitals in such a manner or under such circumstances as to affront or alarm another person.


(b)   For the purpose of this section, the words “sexual penetration” shall mean sexual intercourse in its ordinary meaning, cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation, anal intercourse, or any intrusion, however slight, of any part of the actor’s body or any object manipulated by the actor, into the genital or anal openings of the body of another person which can be reasonably construed as being for nonmedical or nonhealth purposes.  Sexual penetration shall not require emission of semen. 


Source:  Code 1962, § 6-1-22; Ord. No. 3434, § 1, 10-6-86

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 28-806.