Sec. 14-168. Failure to appear in court.


(1)       Whomever is charged with a violation of an ordinance of the city, conviction of which would carry a jail sentence, or require payment of a fine, or either, and who shall fail to appear therefore, following the communication of a date for appearance to the defendant, as provided by law, shall, upon conviction for willful failure to so appear, be guilty of an offense.


(2)       Any person convicted of the offense of failure to appear shall be punished by a penalty that is commensurate with the penalty for the original offense for which said person failed to appear. 


Source:  Code 1962, 6-1-53(A); Ord. No. 3023, 1 (A), 11-2-81; Ord. No. 4747, 1, 7-19-04; Ord. No. 4929, 1, 3-19-07