Sec. 14-251.  Unlawful picketing.


(a)   A person commits the offense of unlawful picketing if, either singly or by conspiring with others, he interferes, or attempts to interfere, with any other person in the exercise of his lawful right to work, or right to enter upon or pursue any lawful employment he may desire, in any lawful occupation, self-employment, or business carried on in this state, by:


(1)       Using threatening language toward such person or any member of his or her immediately family, or in his, her or their presence or hearing, for the purpose of inducing or influencing, or attempting to induce or influence, such person to quit his or her employment, or to refrain from seeking or freely entering into employment, or by persisting in talking to or communicating in any manner with such person or members of his or her immediate family against his, her or their will, for such purpose; or

(2)       Following or intercepting such person from or to his work, from or to his home or lodging, or about the city, against the will of such person, for such purpose; or

(3)       Menacing, threatening, coercing, intimidating, or frightening in any manner such person for such purpose; or

(4)       Committing an assault upon such person for such purpose; or

(5)       Picketing or patrolling the place of residence of such person, or any street, alley, road, highway, or any other place, where such person may be, or in the vicinity thereof, for such purpose, against the will of such person.


(b)   Unlawful picketing is an offense. Each violation shall constitute a separate offense.

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 28-1317.