Sec. 14-281. Definitions.


As used in this article, unless the context requires otherwise:


Available to the public means that the matter or performance may be purchased or attended on a subscription basis, on a membership fee arrangement, or for a separate fee for each item or performance.


Disseminate means to transfer possession of, with or without consideration.


Knowingly means being aware of the character and the content of the material.


Material means any book, magazine, newspaper or other printed or written material or any picture, drawing, photograph, motion picture, or other pictorial representation or any statute or other figure, or any recording, transcription or mechanical, chemical, or electrical reproduction or any other articles, equipment or machines.


Nudity means the showing of the human male or female genitals or pubic area with less than a fully opaque covering, or the depiction of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.


Obscene means that to the average person applying contemporary community standards:


(1) The predominant appeal of the matter taken as a whole, is to prurient interest; a shameful or morbid interest in sexual conduct, nudity, or excretion, and

(2) The matter depicts or describes in a patently offensive manner sexual conduct regulated (by the applicable state statute), and

(3) The work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.


Performance means any preview, play, show, skit, film, dance or other exhibition performed before an audience.


Promote means to cause, permit, procure, counsel or assist.


Service to patrons means the provision of services to paying guests in establishments providing food and beverages; including but not limited to hostessing, hat checking, cooking, bartending, serving, table setting and clearing, waiter and waitressing.


Source:  Code 1962, 6-14-1; Ord. No. 3058, 1(24), 3-1-82