Sec. 14-310.  Interfering with the police radio system.


(a)   Police radio set shall mean any radio set or apparatus capable of either receiving or transmitting radio frequency signals within the wavelength or channel now or which may hereafter be allocated by the Federal Communications Commission for the police radio service.


(b)   A person commits the offense of interfering with the police radio system if he has in his possession or in any motor vehicle or equips or installs in or on any motor vehicle, any police radio set which:


(1)       In any way intentionally interferes with the transmission or reception of radio messages by any law enforcement agency and hinders any such agency in fulfillment of its duties; or

(2)       Intercepts such radio signals to evade or assist others in evading arrest; or

(3)       Results in the use of such communication for monetary or personal gain.


(c)   The provisions of subsection (b) of this section shall not apply to:


(1)       Peace officers and members of a law enforcement agency which regularly maintains a police radio system authorized and licensed by the Federal Communications Commission;

(2)       Any person who has permission in writing from the head of a law enforcement agency to possess and use any radio set or apparatus capable of receiving messages or signals within the wavelength or channel assigned to the agency granting the permission; or

(3)       Legal newspapers as defined in section 25-523 of the Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 1943, or radio, television or cable antenna television stations licensed pursuant to law, monitoring messages of signals for news purposes only without rebroadcasting or republishing verbatim.


(d)   It shall be the duty of any and all peace officers to seize and hold for evidence any and all equipment possessed or used in violation of this section, and upon conviction of the person possessing or using such equipment, the court shall order such equipment destroyed or forfeited to the city.

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 28-1312.