Sec. 14-43. Littering.


(a) Any person who deposits, throws, discards, or otherwise disposes of any litter, including snow or ice, on any public or private property, street, alley, or other public way or in any waters, commits the offense of littering unless:


(1) Such property is in an area designated by law for the disposal of such material and such person is authorized by the proper public authority to so use such property; or

(2) The litter is placed in a receptacle or container installed on such property for such purpose.


(b) The word "litter," as used in this section, means all rubbish, refuse, waste material, garbage, trash, debris, or other foreign substances, solid or liquid, of every form, size, kind and description, including snow and ice, but does not include waste or primary processes of farming or manufacturing.


(c) Whenever litter is thrown, deposited, dropped or dumped from any motor vehicle or watercraft in violation of this section, the operator of such motor vehicle or watercraft commits the offense of littering.


Source:  Code 1962, 6-16-1, 6-16-3, 6-16-4; Ord. No. 3179, 1, 12-19-83

Cross references--Garbage and trash, Ch. 10; rubbish on highway, 24-283. 

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 28-523.