Sec. 15-3. Location restrictions for mobile homes.


(a) No person shall park or occupy any mobile home on the premises of any dwelling, or on any lot which is not a part of the premises of any occupied dwelling, either of which is situated outside an approved mobile home park.


(b) The parking of only one (1) unoccupied camper, travel trailer or motor home in an accessory private garage building, or in the side or rear yards of any district, is permitted, provided it does not obstruct the sight triangle of any street or no living quarters are maintained or any business practiced in said camper, travel trailer or motor home while so parked or stored.


(c) Emergency or temporary stopping or parking of mobile homes on streets shall not exceed two and one-half (2 1/2) hours, subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations or limitations imposed by the traffic and parking regulations for that street.


(d) A special temporary parking permit may be issued by the council in cases of emergency or severe hardship. Such a permit would allow parking of a mobile home, camper, travel trailer or motor home in an area other than mobile home parks for a reasonable amount of time only after an evaluation of need by the council, and then only after it has been determined by the health official or his designee, that water, gas, electrical and sewer facilities and connections are acceptable.


Source:  Code 1962, 5-5-3(B)(O); Ord. No. 3058, 1(26), 3-1-82; Ord. No. 3859, 12, 3-16-92