Sec. 15-32. Application.


The application for a mobile home park permit or renewal thereof shall be made to the health official or his designee on printed forms furnished by the health official or his designee and shall include the name and address of the owner in fee of the tract; provided, however, if the fee is vested in some person other than the applicant, a duly verified statement by that person that the applicant is authorized by him to construct or maintain the mobile home park and make the application, and such a legal description of the premises upon which the park is or will be located as will readily identify and definitely locate the premises. The application shall be accompanied by one (1) copy of the mobile home park plan showing the following, either existing or as proposed:


(1) Name and address of applicant.


(2) Legal description of the park.


(3) Roadways and driveways.


(4)       Location of sites or units for trailer coaches.


(5) Location and number of sanitary water, electrical and fuel hook-ups.


Source:  Code 1962, 5-5-4(c); Ord. No. 3859, 14, 3-16-92