Sec. 15-51.  Water supply.


(a)   An accessible, adequate, safe and potable supply of water shall be provided to each mobile home lot.  The collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems of all mobile home parks shall be constructed, maintained and operated in accordance with all provisions of the Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act.


(b)   Where an approved public water supply of satisfactory quantity, quality and pressure is available, connection shall be made thereto and its supply used exclusively.  Where an approved public water supply system is not available within a reasonable distance for extension to a mobile home development, a private water supply system shall be developed and constructed in accordance with plans approved by the state health department and the city, and in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards governing mobile home parks as promulgated by the state health department.


(c)   All mobile homes serviced by the city’s public water system shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of Article II of Chapter 26 of this Code. 


Source:  Code 1962, § 5-5-6

Cross reference--City water system, § 26-11 et seq.

State law reference--Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act, R.R.S. 1943, 71-5301 et seq.