Sec. 15-54. Sanitary conditions.


(a) The storage, collection, transportation and disposal of refuse, garbage and solid waste shall be so conducted as to not create unsanitary conditions, nuisances, rodent harborages, insect breeding areas, accident or fire hazards, or air pollution.


(b) All refuse, garbage and solid waste shall be stored in fly-tight, watertight, rodent-proof containers which shall be maintained in clean condition and in good repair.


(c) Containers shall be provided in sufficient number and capacity to properly store all refuse, garbage and solid waste. Whether the licensee of the mobile home park or each occupant of a mobile home provides the container or containers depends entirely upon the internal rules of each mobile home park.


(d) Garbage cans shall be located not farther than three hundred (300) feet from any mobile home space.


(e) Waste from showers, bath tubs, flush toilets, urinals, lavatories, slop sinks and laundries in service and other buildings within the park shall be discharged into a public sewer system in compliance with applicable ordinances or into a private sewer and disposal plant or septic tank system of such construction and in such manner as will present no health hazard.


Source:  Code 1962, 5-5-12

Cross reference--Garbage and trash, Ch. 10.