Sec. 18-12. Miscellaneous offenses.


(a) The following acts shall be unlawful:

(1) The removal of any public property.

(2) The removal of any equipment.

(3) Entering or climbing upon or tampering with publicly owned motor vehicle and power equipment.

(4) The cutting, picking, defacing, injuring or carrying away of any flowers, trees, shrubs or other plants.

(5) The defacement, damage or alteration of any building or structure.


(b) No structure shall be permanently or semi-permanently installed except by written consent of the council.


(c) There shall be no alcoholic beverages within the confines of the park, except for the grounds of the Elkhorn Lodge located at 1008 McKinley Avenue, Norfolk, Nebraska, which property is legally described as Lot Seventy-three (73), Homestead Acres, an Addition to Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska.  Specifically, alcoholic beverages may be consumed inside the Elkhorn Lodge and on that portion of the Elkhorn Lodge grounds as designated by signs; provided, however, the use of said lodge and the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not be authorized without first having obtained a lease for the use of said lodge.


(d) No glass containers of any kind or description shall be permitted on the beach area.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-10-7; Ord. No. 2994, 1, 7-6-81; Ord. No. 5248, 1, 3-4-13;