Sec. 18-9. Water recreation.


(a) Swimming, bathing and wading, boating and similar water-related outdoor recreational activities are not permitted upon the water area of a park. No person shall use or operate any motor-driven boat or vehicle upon the water area; provided, however, that the city may, with the approval of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission or its duly appointed agents, permit the use of motor-driven boats or vehicles upon the water area of a park when such permission is determined to be in the best public interest, and further provided that canoes, rafts, sailing boats and boats with oars and/or electric fishing motors shall be permitted to operate upon Skyview Lake.


(b) Permission to engage in any or all of the aforementioned activities may be permanently or temporarily revoked by the city by the posting of appropriate signs by management personnel and participation in any of the aforementioned activities is conditional upon observance of special conditions governing such activity as may be posted at specific areas by appropriate signs and the number of participants engaging in any of the above mentioned water activities may be limited by management personnel when conditions warrant such limitation in the interests of public health, safety or welfare. Unoccupied watercraft may be moored, anchored or beached overnight upon the lake only at sites designated by appropriate signs and the docks installed upon the lake are for launching and recovery of watercraft and for embarking or disembarking passengers only and no permission is given to moor watercraft at such docks for periods of time longer than reasonably necessary to launch or recover watercraft or embark or disembark passengers.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-10-6; Ord. No. 3058, 1(28), 3-1-82