Sec. 19-1. Planning commission.


There is hereby created a planning commission which shall have the composition and powers provided by Reissue Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 1943, 19-924 through 19-933 as now or hereafter amended.  Unless otherwise specified or unless changed by a specific provision of this Code, the planning commission shall be governed in matters of procedure by the most current revision of "Robert's Rules of Order."


All matters or resolutions shall be deemed to have died on the table when they shall have been tabled and no formal action shall have been taken upon such matter or resolution prior to the next succeeding formal organizational meeting of the planning commission which takes place at the planning commission's first meeting after February 1 of each year.  The secretary of the planning commission shall expunge from the records all such matters and resolutions not acted upon prior to the time of the formal organizational meeting of the planning commission as set forth above.


Source:  Code 1962, 2-2-1--2-2-7; Ord. No. 5250, 1, 4-1-13