Sec. 19-5.  Comprehensive plan adopted.


(a)   There is hereby adopted an updated comprehensive plan for the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, and that area in which the city is exercising its extraterritorial zoning jursdiction.


(b)   The comprehensive plan is in a book titled "City of Norfolk, Nebraska Comprehensive Plan Update 2017" as prepared by Olsson Associates.


(c)   One (1) copy of the "City of Norfolk, Nebraska Comprehensive Plan Update 2017" as incorporated by Ordinance No. 5448, dated the 23rd day of February, 2017, and all maps therein, shall be marked or stamped "Official Copy" and said copy shall be filed in the office of the city clerk and shall be available to the public for inspection at all reasonable business hours.


(d)   "The Comprehensive Development Plan for Norfolk, Nebraska" as prepared by RDG Crose Gardner Shukert dated August 2001, and a book entitled "Norfolk Comprehensive Plan Update Transportation Plan 2030" prepared by The Schemmer Associates & HNTB Corporation dated July, 2006, and a book entitled "Comprehensive Development Plan Energy Element" dated January, 2015 and all amendments and supplements thereto are hereby repealed in their entirety. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3149, preamble, §§ 1--3, 7-18-83, Ord. No. 5194, § 2, 1-17-12; Ord. No. 5344, § 4, 5-18-15; Ord. No. 5448, § 1, 2-23-17;

Editor’s note--Nonamendatory Ord. No. 3149, enacted July 18, 1983, has been codified as § 19-5, at the editor’s discretion; paragraph (a) is derived from the preamble and paragraphs (b)--(d) from §§ 1--3 of said ordinance.