Sec. 2.5-1. Definitions.


As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have and be given the following meanings:


Alarm business shall mean the business by any individual, partnership, corporation, or other entity, of selling, leasing, maintaining, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving or installing any alarm system or causing to be sold, leased, maintained, serviced, repaired, altered, replaced, moved or installed, any alarm system in or on any building, structure or facility.


Alarm account shall mean the physical street address at which an alarm system is installed.


Alarm coordinator shall mean the 911 communications center supervisor.


Alarm system shall mean any assembly of equipment, mechanical or electrical, arranged to provide an external signal or advising a central location of the occurrence of an illegal entry, fire or other activity requiring urgent attention.


Alarm user shall mean the person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind, in control of any building, structure or facility who purchases, leases, contracts for or otherwise obtains an alarm system or for the servicing or maintenance of an alarm system and thereafter contracts with or hires an alarm business to monitor and/or service the alarm device.


Alarm zone shall mean an alarm detection point located at or within a physical location identified as an alarm account.


Answering service shall mean a telephone answering business providing among its services the service of receiving on a continuous basis, through trained employees, emergency signals from alarm systems, and thereafter immediately relaying the message by live voice to the 911 communications center.


Automatic dial protection device shall mean an electrically operated instrument composed of sensory apparatus and related hardware, which automatically sends over regular telephone lines an alarm, upon receipt of a stimulus from the sensory apparatus that has detected a force or condition characteristic of an unauthorized intrusion, or fire or an emergency message indicating a need for emergency response.


Burglar alarm system shall mean an alarm system signaling an entry or attempted entry into an area protected by the system.


Central station protective system shall mean a system or group of systems operated by a person, firm or corporation, in which the operations of electrical protection circuits and devices are transmitted to, recorded in, and maintained and supervised from, a central station having operators in attendance at all times.


City shall mean the City of Norfolk, Nebraska.


Emergency alarm, also known as a "panic alarm," shall mean an alarm system installed or maintained for the purpose of summoning an urgent or emergency public safety response to an actual or attempted burglary, robbery, fire or medical emergency.


False alarm shall mean an alarm signal, eliciting an urgent public safety response when a situation requiring an urgent response does not, in fact, exist, but does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business or alarm user.  The burden of proving that such alarm was not a false alarm shall be on the alarm business or alarm user.


Fire alarm system shall mean an alarm system signaling a fire, or temperature condition whereby a fire may occur.


Firearm shall mean any weapon which is designed to or may readily be converted to expel any projectile by the action of an explosive or frame or receiver of any such weapon.


Fire chief shall mean the fire chief of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, or his or her designated representative.


Local alarm system shall mean an alarm system which when activated causes an audible and/or visual signaling device to be activated and is intended to be seen and/or heard by others outside of the protected premises.


Notice shall mean written notice, given by personal service upon the addressee or given by United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the person to be notified at his or her last known address.  Service of such notice shall be effective upon completion of personal service or upon placing of the same in the custody of the United States Postal Service.


Permit year shall mean a twelve (12) month period from October 1 to September 30.


Police chief shall mean the chief of police of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska, or his or her designated representative.


Proprietary system shall mean an alarm system sounding and/or recording alarm and supervisory signals to a control center located within the protected premises, the control center being under the supervision of the proprietor of the premises.  If a proprietary system includes a signal line connected directly or by means of an automatic dialing device to the 911 communications center, a central station protective system or answering service, it thereby becomes an "alarm system," as defined in this section.


Public safety shall mean any law enforcement, fire or rescue service.


Robbery alarm system shall mean an alarm system signaling a robbery or attempted robbery.


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