Sec. 2.5-9.  Firearms dealers; burglar alarm systems required; exceptions.


Each business organization which engages in the retail sale of firearms, except those organizations that are open 24 hours a day or that have an employee or agent on the premises at all times, shall have a burglar alarm system installed on the premises of its establishment.  Such alarm system shall be monitored by a central station and shall activate upon unauthorized entry or interruption to such system.  For the purposes of this section, “business organization” means sole proprietorship, partnership, firm, corporation or other form of business or legal entity.  The provisions of this section shall not apply to any person who (1) sells or exchanges a firearm for the enhancement of a personal collection or as a hobby, (2) sells all or part of a personal collection of firearms, or (3) sells firearms from his or her own residence and keeps for sale not more than ten firearms. 


Source: Ord. No. 4687, § 1, 9-2-03