Sec. 2-104.  Responsibilities and duties of risk manager.


The risk manager shall have the responsibility:


(1)       To purchase or contract for all supplies and contractual services needed by any using agency which derives its support wholly or in part from the city, in accordance with procedures as prescribed by city ordinance and such rules and regulations as the risk manager shall adopt for the internal management and operation of the purchasing functions;


(2)       To procure for the city the highest quality in supplies and contractual services at the least expense to the city; to discourage uniform bidding and endeavor to obtain as full and open competition as possible on all purchases and sales; and to establish and amend, when necessary, all rules and regulations authorized by city ordinance and any others necessary to its operations;


(3)       To explore the possibilities of purchasing "in bulk," so as to take full advantage of discounts; to procure for the city all tax exemptions to which it is entitled; and to cooperate with the city administrator or his or her duly authorized representative, so as to secure for the city the maximum effi­ciency in budgeting and accounting;


(4)       To prescribe and maintain such forms as shall be reason­ably necessary to the operation of purchasing; to prepare and adopt standard purchasing terms for city departments, divisions, agencies and suppliers; and to prepare, adopt and maintain a vendor's catalog file according to materials;


(5)       To classify all supplies used by the various departments, divisions and agencies of the city, to adopt as standards the minimum number of quantities, sizes and varieties of supplies consistent with the successful operation of the municipal government; to prepare or cause to be prepared written specifications of all such standard supplies;


(6)       To have the authority to declare vendors who default on their quotation irresponsible vendors and to disqualify them from receiving any business from the municipality for a stated period of time;


(7)       To keep informed on current developments in the field of purchasing, prices, market conditions and new products, and secure for the city the benefits of research done in the field of purchasing by other governmental jurisdictions having national recognition and by private businesses and organizations;


(8)       To perform any related duties assigned by the city administrator. 


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