Sec. 2-105.  Requisitions and estimates.


(a)   All using agencies, departments or divisions, either by or with the authorization of the agency, department or division head under which they operate, shall file with the risk manager detailed requisitions or estimates of their requirements in supplies, materials and contractual services, in such manner, at such times, and for such future periods as the risk manager shall prescribe.


(b)   A using agency, department or division shall not be pre­vented from filing in the same manner with the risk manager, at any time, a requisition or estimate for any supplies and con­tractual services, the need for which was not foreseen when the detailed estimates were filed.


(c)   The risk manager shall examine such requisition or estimate and shall have the authority to revise it as to estimated cost; but revisions as to quality and quantity shall be directly approved by the city administrator.


(d)   Purchases under seventy-five dollars ($75.00), not involving supply needs that can be ordered in bulk, may be accomplished through the use of a minor supply requisition. 


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