Sec. 2-113.  Inspection and testing.


(a)   The risk manager shall inspect, or supervise the in­spection of, all deliveries of supplies or contractual services to determine their conformance with the specifications set forth in the order or contract.


(b)   The risk manager may authorize using agencies, divi­sions or departments having the staff and facilities for adequate inspection to inspect all deliveries made to such agencies, divi­sions or departments, under rules and regulations which the risk manager shall prescribe.


(c)   The risk manager may require chemical and physical tests of samples submitted with bids and samples of deliveries which are necessary to determine their quality and conformance with the specifications.  In the performance of such tests, the risk manager shall have the authority, to make use of labora­tory facilities of any agency of the city government or any outside laboratory. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3078, § 13, 7-6-82; Ord. No. 5080, § 4, 7-20-09; Ord. No. 5334, § 1, 2-2-15)