Sec. 2-116.  Prescribed authority structures.


Insofar as the sale or purchasing procedures of this policy are concerned, the following authority structure shall apply:


(1)        Every city employee shall requisition for supplies, equip­ment or services only with the written approval of the employee's department or division head or duly authorized representative;


(2)        After obtaining the written approval of the department or division head, the employee shall forward the information regarding the proposed purchase or sale to the risk manager.  The risk manager shall determine the disposi­tion of the proposed purchase or sale according to the pro­cedures and authority specified in this article;


(3)        Any city employee who desires to appeal a decision of the risk manager shall appeal only to the city administra­tor, unless the city administrator determines that the final decision should rest with the mayor and city council and be determined in public session, his decision in all cases shall be final;


(4)        No city employee shall circumvent that prescribed author­ity structure of this policy without permission of the city administrator. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3078, § 16, 7-6-82; Ord. No. 5080, § 4, 7-20-09; Ord. No. 5334, § 1, 2-2-15)