Sec. 2-155.  City's duty to commission.


The mayor and council shall provide the commission with suit­able and convenient rooms and accommodations and cause the same to be furnished, heated, lighted, and supplied with all office supplies and equipment necessary to carry on the business of the commission and with such clerical assistance as may be neces­sary.  It shall be the duty of the city to appropriate each fiscal year, from the general funds of the city, a sum of money sufficient to pay the necessary expenses involved in carrying out the pur­poses of such act, including, but not limited to, reasonable at­torney's fees for any special counsel appointed by the commission when the city attorney is not authorized by the mayor and city council to represent the commission.  The mayor and city council may establish the hourly or monthly rate of pay of such special counsel.  The city shall afford the commission, its members and employees all reasonable facilities and assistance to inspect all books, papers, documents and accounts applying or in any way appertaining to any and all positions and employments subject to civil service and shall produce such books, papers, documents and accounts.  All city officers and employees shall attend and testify whenever required to do so by the commission, the ac­cused or the appointing authority. 


Source:  Ord.  No. 3368, § 5, 12-16-85