Sec. 2-16.1.  Special meetings.


The mayor shall call special meetings of the council whenever, in his or her opinion, the public business may require it, or at the ex­press request of any five (5) members of the council.  Whenever a special meeting shall be called, a notice in writing signed by the mayor or president of the council shall be delivered to each member either in person or by notice left at or mailed to their place of residence, stating the day and hour of the special meeting; pro­vided, that such notice may be waived in writing either at, before or after such meeting by any member of the council and the at­tendance of any member of the council at such special meeting shall be deemed to be a waiver of any such notice. 


Source:  Ord.  No. 2992, § 2, 6-1-81; Ord. No 5240, § 1, 12-3-12