Sec. 2-19.1.  Addressing the council.


(a)   The presiding officer of the city council shall provide oppor­tunity during council meetings for discussion by interested per­sons or their authorized representatives on any council agenda item prior to final action thereof; provided, that a preference shall be given to any person who, at least three (3) days prior to the council meeting, shall have requested opportunity for discussion by notice directed to the city clerk.


(b)   Any person may direct a written communication to the city council on any matter concerning the city's business by directing the communication to the city council through the mayor, city administrator or city clerk.  Any such written communication may be referred to a subcommittee or may be placed on the agenda of a city council meeting as deemed appropriate under the order of business enti­tled "Special presentations."


(c)   After a motion is made in the city council, the presiding officer shall govern the discussion and/or debate on the issue or subject.


(d)   The presiding officer shall, from time to time, make such rules as he may deem necessary to fulfill and carry out the intent of the provisions of this section.


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