Sec. 2-21.4.  Ordinances, resolutions, motions and contracts.


(a)   The city attorney shall, on the request of the mayor, city council or any member thereof, city administrator or de­partment or division head, prepare any ordinance or resolution.


(b)   Before any ordinance or resolution shall be finally adopted, the city attorney or his authorized assistant shall endorse thereon his approval as to form.  Before any bond, contract or other legal document binding the city shall be presented to the council for final approval, the city attorney or his authorized assistant shall approve the same as to its form and shall endorse such approval thereon.


(c)   Any ordinance, except those containing an emergency clause, relating to the duties, powers, and functions of any administra­tive department, division or office, or affecting in any substantial manner the administration of the city government shall, on first reading, be referred by the presiding officer to the city adminis­trator for his report and recommendation thereon.


Source:  Ord. No. 2992, § 21, 6-1-81; Ord. No. 3782, § 4, 2-19-91