Sec. 2-33.   Sales and use tax use; property tax relief assurance committee, composition, duties; accelerated street improvement program; amendment.


(a)   All revenue collections from the imposition of the original one percent sales and use tax effective April 1, 1985 on affected transactions within the corporate limits of the City of  Norfolk and any interest accruing on the same, shall be used only for property tax relief purposes.


(b)   To ensure compliance with subsection (a) above, the mayor and city council shall appoint a five (5) member property tax relief assurance committee which shall review and audit the use of sales and use tax revenue collections and annually report its findings in a newspaper of general circulation in Madison Coun­ty, Nebraska.  The committee shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city at large and one member of each from each of the city's four (4) city council wards.  At least one member of the committee shall be a certified public accountant (CPA).  The term of office of each committee person shall be three (3) years. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3240, § 1, 11-6-84; Ord. No. 4016, § 1, 5-10-94