Sec. 2-66.  Powers and duties.


The city administrator shall be the administrative head of the city government under the direction and control of the mayor and council and shall be responsible to the governing body for the efficient conduct of his or her office.  The city adminis­trator shall be responsible to see that all the ordinances of the city are faithfully executed.  In addition to the general author­ity as administrative head, and not as a limitation thereof, it shall be the duty of the city administrator:


(a)       To attend all meetings of the city council with the duty of reporting any matter concerning city affairs under his or her supervision and direction; and to attend such other meetings of departments and officials as his or her duties may require, or as may be directed by the mayor and council.


(b)       To make investigations into all of the affairs of the city and to make recommendations to the mayor and council for the adoption of such measures and ordi­nances as are deemed necessary or expedient for the good government of the city.


(c)       To supervise and analyze the functions, duties and activities of the various departments, divisions and services of the city and of all employees thereof, and to make recommendations regarding the same to the mayor and council; and to faithfully carry out the directives and recommendations of the mayor and coun­cil in coordinating the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, divisions and services.


(d)       Reserved.


(e)       To keep the mayor and council fully advised as to the financial condition of the city and its needs, and he or she shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual estimates of revenues and expenditures of a proposed budget for the presentation of a complete financial plan for the city to the mayor and council prior to the consideration and adoption of the annual appropriations ordinance by the governing body.  With the adoption of the budget and the passage of the appropriations ordinance by the governing body, the city administrator shall be responsible for the supervision and control of the budget expenditures.


(f)        To prepare and submit to the mayor and council as of the end of the fiscal year, a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city for the preceding year.


(g)       To recommend to the mayor and council the appoint­ment and dismissal of all department or division heads over which he or she exercises direct supervision who are not subject to the Civil Service Act except for those positions requiring mayoral appointment pursuant to Nebraska Statute.  The administrator is responsible for the appointment and dismissal of all other division heads and all subordinate employees in the departments, divisions, and services over which he or she exercises jurisdiction ac­cording to the limitations and provisions of the city civil service laws.  He or she may also provide for the transfer of such employees within such departments, divisions and services to meet the varying workload of the various departments and divisions.


(h)       To serve as public relations officer of the city govern­ment; to endeavor to investigate and adjust all com­plaints made or filed against the city government or against any department, division, service, officer, or employee thereof; and to cooperate with all community organizations whose aim and purpose is to advance the best interests of the city and its citizens.


(i)        To perform such other duties and exercise such other powers as may be required by ordinance, or prescribed by resolution of the mayor and council.


The city administrator shall work within the policies set forth by the mayor and council.  The city administrator shall deal with the mayor and council as a body.  All official city affairs and all reports shall be provided to the mayor and council. 


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