Sec. 2-84.  Prohibition on conflict of interest.


A city official or employee may not participate in a vote or decision on a matter affecting a person, entity, or property in which the business which the official or employee is associated is involved.  Where the interest of a city official or employee in the subject matter of a vote or decision is remote or incidental, the city official or employee may participate in the vote or decision and need not disclose the interest.


Remote interest means an interest of a person or entity, in­cluding a city official or employee, who would be affected in the same way as the general public.  The interest of a council-member in the property tax rate, general city fees, city utility charges, or a comprehensive zoning ordinance or similar decisions is inci­dental to the extent that the council member would be affected in common with the general public.


Incidental interest means an interest in a person, entity or prop­erty which has insignificant value, or which would be affected only in a de minimis fashion by a decision.  This chapter does not establish dollar limits on the terms "insignificant value" and "de minimis," which shall have their usual meanings and be subject to interpretation on a case by case basis. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3625, § 2, 2-21-89