Sec. 2-88.  Financial disclosure.


All city officials shall file with the city clerk by the last Friday in March of each year, a public statement of financial information which shall cover the previous year which is defined as January 1 through December 31, as follows:


(1)       Any business or business interest as defined by section 2-82 in which the official is associated, as well as the names and addresses of the clients or customers from whom the official received at least ten (10) per cent of his, her or its gross income during the reporting period.


(2)       Any bonds issued by the City of Norfolk having a value exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000.00). Said disclosure shall not require the amount of bonds so held by the official, only that said official holds bonds issued by the City of Norfolk in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00).


(3)       All boards of directors of which the official is a member and the offices or executive positions which the official holds in corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, profes­sional corporations or other entities, including non-busi­ness entities, stating for each the name of the entity and the position held.  There shall be excluded from this item positions on corporations or other entities owned by the City of Norfolk or created by the city council. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3625, § 2, 2-21-89