Sec. 2-96.  Same -- Exceptions.


The provisions of section 2-95 shall not apply if the interested officer:


(1)        Makes a declaration on the record to the governmental body responsible for approving the contract regarding the nature and extent of his or her interest, prior to official consideration of the contract;


(2)       Does not vote on the matter of granting the contract, ex­cept that if the number of members of the governmental body declaring an interest in the contract would prevent the governmental body, with all members present, from securing a quorum on the issue, then all members may vote on the matter;


(3)       Does not act for the city, which is a party to the contract as to inspection or performance under the contract in which he or she has an interest.


An officer who has no business association as defined in Section 49-1408, N.R.S., 1943, as amended with the business involved in the contract or will not receive a pecuniary fee, as prescribed in section 2-95, shall not be deemed to have an interest within the meaning of this chapter. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3152, § 3, 9-7-83; Ord. No. 3220, § 3, 5-21-84; Ord. No. 3626, § 3, 2-21-89