Sec. 2-98.   Permitted contracts with officers not exempt from competitive bidding, etc., requirements.


(1)   Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 2-94 through 2-100, if an officer's parent, spouse, or child is an employee of the city, the officer may vote on all issues of the contract which are generally applicable to all employees or all employees within a classification and do not single out his or her parent, spouse, or child for special action.


(2)   If an officer or employee has the power to employ personnel and he or she hires his or her parent, spouse, or child, or recom­mends or supervises the same, such officer or employee shall dis­close the hiring pursuant to section 14-1449.01 N.R.S. 1943, as amended; except, that if the parent, spouse, or child is already employed in the position at the time the officer takes office or the employee with the power to employ becomes employed, no disclo­sure need be made. 


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