Sec. 20-8.  Same--Subsequent responses.


If after written notice is issued pursuant to the foregoing section, a second or subsequent police division response or responses is or are necessary to the same location or address within a twenty-four-hour period, such response or responses shall be deemed a special security assignment.  Persons previously warned by written notice shall be jointly and severally liable for a police services fee as defined in sections 20-6 through 20-9.


The amount of such fee shall be a debt to the city by the person or persons warned by written notice, and if he or she is a minor, the debt shall be owed by his or her parents or guardians.


The second or subsequent police division response may also result in the arrest and/or citation of violators of state statutes or other city ordinances. 


Source:  Ord. No. 3656, § 1, 7-3-89; Ord. No. 5135, § 12, 9-7-10

Note--See the editor’s note at § 20-6.