Sec. 21-2.  Protection of railroad crossings.


(a)   All railroad companies shall station, keep and maintain at all times, at their own expense, at the crossings of their railroad tracks with any and all public streets in the city, whenever directed so to do by order or resolution of the council, a flagman whose duty it shall be to warn of the approach of any locomotive or other impending danger, or in lieu of such flagman to provide and maintain proper gates which shall be closed during the times when trains are approaching or crossing said streets, such gates to be approved by the council as to style and manner of operation.


(b)   It shall be the duty of all railroad companies operating railroads within the city to keep and maintain such lights and signals as the council may require.  All railroad companies shall keep the points of intersection of all railroad tracks and streets well lighted during all hours of twilight and darkness by electric or gas lights placed sufficiently high to enable safe and convenient travel by the public over said crossings. 


Source:  Code 1962, §§ 9-6-4, 9-6-5