Sec. 21-5. Maintenance and repair of road crossings.


(a) It shall be the duty of all railroad companies owning or operating a railroad passing through the city, to maintain all places within their right-of-way where the public streets intersect and cross, in a suitable and safe condition for public travel over and across the same.


(b) If any crossing shall be at any time in a bad condition or unsafe or inconvenient for public travel, the council may by resolution require the proper railroad company to repair or replace said crossing and render the same safe and convenient for public travel. A copy of every such resolution shall be served upon the local agent of the railroad company whose duty it is to maintain such crossing and for a failure or refusal to comply with the requirements and demands of such resolution within thirty (30) days after its service such railroad company shall be deemed guilty of an offense.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-6-8