Sec. 22-101.  Issuance or denial.


(a)   The code official shall inspect the building and applicant’s equipment to determine whether the standards for issuance of a permit are met.


(b)   The code official shall refuse to issue a permit if he or she finds:


(1)       That any application requirement or any fee requirement has not been complied with;


(2)       That the building is too large to move without endangering persons or property in the city;


(3)       That the building is in such a state of deterioration or disrepair or is otherwise so structurally unsafe that it could not be moved without endangering persons and property in the city;


(4)       That the building is structurally unsafe or unfit for the purpose for which moved, if the removal location is in the city;


(5)       That the applicant’s equipment is unsafe and that persons and property would be endangered by its use;


(6)       That zoning or other ordinances would be violated by the building in its new location;


(7)       That for any other reason persons or property in the city would be endangered by the moving of the building;


(8)       That the move would be in violation of any ordinance of the city.


(c)   Upon his or her refusal to issue a permit the applicant shall be entitled to the return of all deposits, bonds or insurance policy. 


Source:  Code 1962, § 5-16-6; Ord. No. 5563, § 43, 8-20-18;