Sec. 22-22. Notice to city of construction; city inspections and tests.


The owner or contractor shall give the public works department at least seventy-two (72) hours notice of intent to build a sidewalk, and it shall be the responsibility of the public works department to establish the proper grades and to give such inspection as shall be necessary to ascertain that all the provisions of this article are being complied with. If, in its opinion, a doubt exists as to the proper mixing of the concrete, it may have test cylinders made, and should the concrete fail to meet the required strength requirements as called for in the paving specifications, the owner or contractor will be required to remove the walk and replace it at his own expense, and he shall be required to pay the cost incurred by the city for having the test cylinders made and tested. Should the cylinders show that the concrete is meeting the necessary strength requirements, the cost of the testing shall be borne by the city.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-1-6