Sec. 22-38. Work performed by city--Generally.


(a) Except as provided for in this article, all cutting of pavement, breaking, cutting or removal of curbing or gutter, refilling and tamping of trenches, holes or openings in pavement, unimproved rights-of-way, and the proper repair and replacement of pavement, curbing or combined curb and gutter shall be done by the public works department. However, if, in its opinion, the city will benefit by water consolidation methods, when projects are in excess of one-half (1/2) block long, it may specify such methods of backfill, except under pavements.


(b) Before performing any work for any person under this article, the public works department shall ascertain that such person has a permit authorizing such work and it shall acquaint himself with the conditions of such permit as to the amount of work authorized and the location of same.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-2-3; Ord. No. 3058, 1(32), 3-1-82; Ord. No. 3870, 1, 5-4-92