Sec. 22-47. Provisions to assure speedy work.


(a) After a permit is issued pursuant to the provisions of this article and the street has been excavated, the contractor or plumber shall proceed with his work as rapidly as possible, in order that traffic may not be unnecessarily inconvenienced. If, in the opinion of the public works department, the contractor is unnecessarily delaying his work, it shall give the contractor notice to proceed within twenty-four (24) hours. If he fails to do so, the public works department may then backfill the hole and charge for the work done.


(b) When desiring any such work to be done, the holder of a permit shall notify the public works department, giving it all necessary information as to location and dimensions of the work required, and the department shall arrange its work and forces so as to have such work done as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter during regular working hours and in conformity with his regular schedule of operations. However, the department shall be given not less than twenty-four (24) working hours notice prior to the time when such work is desired.


Source:  Code 1962, 9-2-3, 9-2-7